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Why Taiwanese Diva Jolin Tsai is Your New Favorite Artist

She’s the first Taiwanese artist to attend the annual Met Gala and the first Asian female celebrity to be invited to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She is also one of the most eminent celebrities in Asia. Who is she? She is Jolin Tsai.


Growing up with talent in music and dance, Tsai has always dreamed of being a singer. She released her first single in 1999 and quickly rose to fame in the following years. In 2003, her new album, “Magic,” enabled her to become the female best selling artist of the year. Despite these incredible honors, Tsai continued to strive for more. For instance, she was chosen to represent Taiwan in the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China by singing the Taiwanese theme song, “Heartbeat of Taiwan.” Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards–the Golden Melody Awards, the most prominent award in the Taiwanese music industry, and the MTV Asia Award, just to name a few.

Outside of being one of Asia’s most successful singers, Tsai is also a dedicated social activist. She has attended countless events throughout the years to show her unwavering support for different causes; she even released the single “We’re All Different, Yet the Same,” to advocate for gender and marriage equality for the LBTQ+ community.


And it doesn’t end there: Jolin is more than just a talented singer and dancer. In 2003, she translated Madonna’s picture book series, “The English Roses,” and even published her very own English vocabulary memorization book. Later on, she collaborated with Ken Erman, the founder and the CEO of “Truth and Bride,” to establish a new fashion brand, “Seventy-Two Changes.” Since then, Seventy-Two Changes has been stocked by more than 30 department stores.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tsai is also well-known for her Fondant Cake making abilities. After taking four days worth of fondant cake making classes, she was in love. She began self-teaching cake making skills and eventually went on to win the gold medal in Cake International 2017 with her Marilyn Monroe Fondant cake. She even made Tom Cruise a fondant cake when he was in town promoting his new movie, “the Mummy.”

With all the talent that she has, Tsai is so much more than just a singer. She’s a diva who shines in every aspect, and she’s a true role model to our generation. Although she’s already reached an incredible degree of success in her life, we can’t wait to see what Queen Jolin has up her sleeve for us in the next few years.

Jolin (Cover), Jolin and Tom Cruise,Jolin Magic


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