Widening the Color Spectrum: Innisfree USA Launches Largest K-Beauty Shade Range Ever

It was just a couple months ago that I bought the Innisfree cushion foundation, which was only offered in two shades. Yes you heard it–not ten, not five, but TWO color options. Compared to the newly released Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, which carries as many as 40 complexion selections, the shade range definitely seems a bit too frugal, just a little. While this foundation has good coverage, looks natural, and lasts long, I can only wear it during my palest times, which is no longer than two or three months out of the whole year.

When I found out that Innisfree USA revamped their Aqua Fit Cushion and Matte Full Cover Cushion ranges to form a total of 14 shades I was beyond excited. I wasted no time before rushing to do more research–after all, this was a big step in Korean Beauty. It meant that the K-beauty industry might finally be recognizing the importance of skin tone inclusion and facing the reality that skin comes in more than two shades. Ultimately, this upgrade will expand Innisfree’s customer market by abolishing the pre-conceived notions of pale beauty.

Even as a relatively pale individual, I found it hard to match the original shades to my skin tone. Now think about the individuals who fall further from the ideal Korean skin shade, and how they’ve been completely excluded from enjoying the Korean beauty trends. That’s why this is a complete game changer!

Now to see how the product lived up to its hype, here’s the rundown:


There are clearly a lot more shades to choose from. The formula, however, remains the same as before. The new cushions come in two finishes – Matte and Dewy. If you prefer a more natural look you can try the “dewy” finish, but if you have oily skin like me, you should opt for the “matte” finish.

Innisfree is first (but hopefully not last) to take a huge step forward within the Asian beauty industry. Many Korean makeup and skincare brands have globalized, but if they don’t adopt the mantra of inclusivity, they’ll never be fully accepted by the beauty community. While it might not seem like a big deal, it is definitely proof that the cosmetics industry is changing, and that inclusion is more important than ever before.

Learn more about how this cushion is breaking boundaries below:

Shop them here:

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