Music Monday: 林宥嘉 (Yoga Lin)

Happy Monday!

I know it is tempting, but try not to judge this week’s artist by his name. (It makes sense if you can read the Chinese characters.) This week’s song is truly sublime, and I highly recommend you give it a listen – “Freedom” [想自由] by Yoga Lin.

Yoga is a singer who won the first season of the Taiwanese singing competition show One Million Star (第一季超級星光大道) when he was a 20-year old college student. His performances on the show earned him a record total of 111 points, which was not broken until the fourth season. During the show, he became famous for having a singing style and musical taste that was unusual for Taiwanese singers; his final performance was “Creep” by Radiohead. His rise to fame on the small island in 2007 was considered nothing short of an overnight sensation.

Afterwards, he signed a 6 – year contract with HIM International Music, the same company that represents the popular girl group S.H.E. Since his debut, he has released 5 albums. It is really refreshing to see that despite his explosive popularity, he still possesses the personality of a typical Taiwanese guy – unassuming and laid-back.

I hope you enjoy this stunning video and song. Have a wonderful week ~

If you like this, click here for his song “Fools’ Bliss” [勉強幸福]

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