Music Monday: EXO

Happy Monday everyone!

I am very excited to say for today’s Music Monday we are featuring my personal favorite K-Pop group, EXO. Call me crazy, but these idols have done it again in winning my heart over. EXO released their second album “Exodus” on March 30th and within 48 hours sold over 440,000 copies, breaking records in album sales (again). Although some of EXO-L (EXO’s fan group) were frustrated with SM’s choice of releasing 20 different album versions, each featuring a different member, the overall response has been incredibly positive.

SM released a music video for EXO’s title song “Call Me Baby” on March 30th, the song featured today, and the video reached over 3 million views in 24 hours both on the Korean and Chinese version. I must admit, this has to be one of my new favorite EXO songs, the song is super upbeat and fun to “try” and dance along to. However, they paired their comeback stages with not only their title song but other songs from Exodus, such as “My Answer” and “Exodus”.

Although EXO had lost two members since their last comeback they still came back strong with Exodus and I am truly looking forward to what they have in store for this new album.

Have a great week everyone! 🙂

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