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Disney Plans to Make Live-Action Mulan Film

Mulan is a movie that probably all of us hold close to our hearts. In a sea of white skinned maidens, She was the  princess warrior that felt most like home. And now, on the heels of the huge live remake box office successes Cinderella, Maleficent and Alice in Wonderland, Mulan is coming back as a live-action movie. 

Exciting. Terrifying. The announcement has left all of us with more questions than answers. Should Mulan be played by a Chinese actress? Chinese American? Is a Korean actress ok? What if she is half-white? How does Mushu fit into live action? And Cri-Kee? And the ancestors? Will Christina Aguilera record a new version of “Reflections”? Is Disney going to fit a white person in there? Are they all going to now randomly have British accents like the past three Disney live action remakes?

While we all wait with baited breath and uncertainty, we should remember that this remake is generally for the better. Asian actors and actress have a shot to make it big in a major motion picture.

A new generation of Asian kids will get to see our beloved heroine on the big screen possibly for the first time. We all have a reason to bust out Mulan 2, perhaps the best sequel of all time. The film won’t be finished for a few years, so we have a bit of time to start training before the Huns arrive.

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