Music Monday: David So

Happy Monday Generasian-ers!

Today’s Music Monday is a little different from the norm hehe. Although we do have a column for Asian YouTubers (YouTuber Wednesdays), I wanted to give a separate recognition to David So and his incredible voice.

This past week all I have been listening to is David’s cover of Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Avenue. Although Ariana’s version is really great, David is able to bring her song to life in a totally different way. He makes the pop song into something more emotional by bringing it back to the basics. I must confess, I like David So’s version much better ( Sorry Ariana :/ )

If you enjoy the song, talented David So is on YouTube as both DavidSoComedy and DavidSoMusic (I apologize for the repetitiveness). If you think he’s good at singing, you should know that he is just as funny.

Have a great week everyone!

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