Music Monday: DAOKO

Happy Monday – it’s the start of a new week! Rather than feeling sad, we should be glad because the sun is out, and only two more weeks of school and finals are standing in the way of summer break.

The song of the day is “Suisei” 『水星』by Japanese rapper and singer daoko. She is an early-blooming musician, who released her first album Hypergirl at age 14 with LOW HIGH WHO? PRODUCTION in 2012, that is often praised for having a soft voice and writing mature lyrics for someone of such a young age.

daoko has collaborated with DJ TeddyLoid and Japanese hip-hop group m-flo. She left her original company February of this year after releasing the album Dimension, and subsequently signed with the label Toy’s Factory, releasing this album, DAOKOthe very next month. It has been very well received thus far.

I love this song as it is very nice music to zone out to. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

Listen to daoko’s track with m-flo – highly recommended.

check her out on itunes

buy her new CD

Have a great week and be sure to tune back in next Monday!

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