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Dairy Queen Perpetuates Yellow Peril

Here we all were just scrolling through our dashboards when another one of those pesky sponsored posts popped up. Dairy Queen’s tumblr dqfanfood posted about how the company pledges to donate $1 for every every “#ChickenStache” post submitted for No-Shave November. Unfortunately, Dairy Queen just couldn’t stop there.


Along with the info, Dairy Queen posted a picture of a girl holding two chicken tenders up to her mouth to make up a mustache and labeled it “Fu Manchicken.”

Fu Manchu is a fictional character created the 1930s, a master criminal with squinty eyes, Asian-esque robes and yes, a thin long mustache. He has become a stereotype associated with Yellow Peril (that is, the fear that Asian socialites will attack and wage wars on Western societies) and is the inspiration for most “Yellow Peril villains” seen in media today. A recent example could be Iron Man 3’s The Mandarin.


It is disappointing to see this pointlessly racist marketing tactic used for an otherwise good cause. To associate No-Shave November with a Fu Manchu mustache is just plain ignorant.

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