Asian Apparel

Derek Lam

Even as a child, designer Derek Lam was fully immersed in the sartorial world. His parents and grandparents made a living out of importing clothing from Asia to America and running a San Francisco garment factory, respectively. From a young age, Lam was able to appreciate both the beauty and craftsmanship that exist in the fashion world. And now as a major sartorial contributor he expertly creates clothing that reflects both beauty and craftsmanship. By mixing gorgeous patterns on gorgeous fabric with clean silhouettes, he masterfully creates a balance between feminine and practical with every collection.

After graduating from Parsons School of Design, Lam started his career working under renowned designer Michael Kors under whom he worked with for four years. In the wee years of the Twenty First Century, Lam decided to start his own label and was met with much acclaim. Since then he has moved on towards mastering shoe and jewelry design and another more youthful label 10 Crosby Derek Lam. Whatever task he takes on, he executes deftly and professionally – a good reflection of the work he churns out constantly.


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