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Music Monday: 2HRs

Happy Monday. Let’s try to stay positive on this bone-chilling day!

The song we are featuring today is by an new Taiwanese post-rock band, 2HRs. They are considered very underground right now. Based on what they have put out so far, I’m really excited to see what they are capable of.

This song is their major breakout track, an unassuming song called “Youth Dream” 《少年夢》, from their debut album Quasar 《類星體》. As 2HRs is still emerging as a band, fans can really engage with the members, as well as glean sources of inspiration for the band. Some post-rock bands choose to focus on an apocalyptic theme, whereas 2HRs, composed of young Taiwanese males, has latched loosely onto a theme of space phenomena and exploration, even space civilization.

However, this song is as grounded as it gets – rooted, as the lead singer explains in Mandarin, in his own experiences growing up and pursuing music. There is something that will resonate for all of us in these lyrics.

I hope you enjoy the feel of this sincere and relatable song, and explore the other audio tracks from Quasar, which are much more ambitious (You can listen to it on Spotify!).

Have a great rest of the week from Generasian (:

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