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Music Monday: Epik High

Happy Monday Generasian!

The artist being featured this week is Epik High in honor of their ever so anticipated comeback. They released Shoebox this past week and they really did live up to the hype surrounding this album. They somehow managed to bring something entirely different and yet still stay true to their original style.

The song for today is “Born Hater” featuring some of my favorite Korean rappers, Beenzino, B.I., Verbal Jint, Bobby, and Mino. And if you’re in the mood to jam out, this song was made for you. The lyrics, the attitude, the music video… there is something about this track you can’t ignore. It’s really just impressive.

“Shoebox” is an incredible album and there’s really nothing more that I can say but to go and listen to it yourself. (Please do ^^)

As always, Epik High does not disappoint. Have a great day!

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