Dimas Martadarma

This week, we are featuring another student artist, Dimas!

We have attached some works in his floating series, as well as a sampling of works from his website. Here is his artist statement:

I’ve been photographing since the end of my high school years to document those years with my friends, and since then photography has just been a medium for me to document my personal life. Last year I pursued a 365 project in which I took a photograph for everyday of that year and I think it’s been the best way for me to develop as a photographer. It was also the year I studied abroad in Shanghai and had the opportunity to make a ton of great photographs, and I consider it to be one of the best experiences I ever had. My time in Shanghai was also when I started my floating photography project, which was inspired by a Japanese photographer known as yowayowa. As far as this series goes, I think I just thought it was an interesting angle to jump away from the cliche type of self-portrait.

Please check out more of his work on his website,

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