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Jia Jiang: How to Not Fear Rejection

Hey Generasians, welcome to an another Asian Youtuber of the Week.

This week we will be dealing with rejection. Why are we so afraid of rejection even though it is a natural part of  life?

When entrepreneur Jia Jiang quit his job to start his own company he hit a series of obstacles and walls of  “no.“ After a crushing rejection from a potential investor, he create his project, 100 Days of Rejection Therapy to desensitize him from the word “no”.

Everyday, for a hundred days, he filmed himself making a crazy request: borrowing a hundred dollars from a stranger, being a Santa to Santa and naming his own price at dollar tree. Amazingly, some of his ridiculous requests were fulfilled! Because of this project, Jia Jiang was able to play soccer in a stranger’s backyard, get custom Olympic donuts from Krispy Kreme and fly a gyro-plane. He truly represents inspiration and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Included with this post is Jia’s Ted Talk about his project, you can check out all his rejection therapy videos here.

Let this be an inspiration to us all to not fear rejection.

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