Ryan Higa aka Nigahiga

Hello, everyone! Are you having a great Wednesday? Today, we are looking at Ryan Higa, who goes under the username nigahiga. Born and raised in Hawaii, he attended Waiakea High School with his friend, Sean Fujiyoshi. There, the two began posting videos on YouTube, initially of them lip-synching to popular songs. Over time, they moved on to different comedic pieces, eventually going viral with “How To Be Gangster” and “How To Be Emo.” However, due to copyright violations, Higa was forced to suspend his account and remove several videos from his channel. After graduation, he moved to Las Vegas for college, but he continued to post YouTube videos.

The majority of Higa’s videos are parodies and rants of mainstream media/products. This video, in particular, jokes around with the highly anticipated Google Glass. While most are recorded with other YouTubers, he also acts out several skits by himself. The point behind his videos is to promote a sort of connection with his viewers. He teaches that life gets better as long as one chooses to make it better. While he agrees that going through life will not necessarily be a breeze, he puts emphasis on the importance of people’s perspective and actions.

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