The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Asian Karaoke – Chinese Songs

If you’re anything like me – someone who is not blessed with the best vocal skills in the world, but is still in love with jamming out to their favorite song – then you’re in luck. New York City, as many of us music lovers know, is full of opportunities to enjoy music. Whether it be jazz music in a live bar, subway artists, or concerts, you can find everything here. And within those options, you’ve most likely discovered the beauty and magic of Karaoke (or as some people call NRB or KTV) 

Ah yes, the widely popular weekend hangout hub for many of us. However, do you sometimes find yourself singing the same couple of songs? Or want to start improving your language skills and add some songs to your repertoire? Don’t worry, I got you! I’ve come up with a list of some of the best songs you can choose and need for a classic Asian karaoke night! 

The first language of this blog series is Chinese! Here are some GREAT and ESSENTIAL C-Pop you might or might not have known that are perfect for karaoke:

安静 – Distance – Jay Chou

周杰倫 Jay Chou【安靜 Silence】Official MV

[It is not a proper karaoke session without a song by Jay Chou. This one specifically is rather easy to sing and the Chinese is not hard to pronounce!]

那些年 – Those Bygone Years – Hu Xia

胡夏 Hu Xi a【那些年】Official MV

[Why not celebrate youth by humming along with the beautiful tunes of this song by Hu Xia. Originally the theme song for a very popular Chinese movie “You Are the Apple of My Eye”, it is now one of the most popular karaoke songs in China]

恋爱ing – LOVEing – Mayday

五月天 Mayday【戀愛ING】Official MV

[If you want to lighten up the atmosphere in the room, this upbeat song is perfect for everyone to jam out to together. Originally sung by the very popular Taiwanese band – Mayday, it carries the memories of many 90s kids]

她说 – She says – JJ Lin 

林俊傑 JJ Lin【她說 She Says】Official MV

[JJ Lin produces his own songs and they are all very beautiful. This one, in particular, lit up the music scene a few years ago when a contestant covered it on “The Voice of China” and it is still one of the most sung songs Chinese songs in karaoke]

勇气 –  Courage – 梁静茹

梁靜茹 Fish Leong 【勇气 Courage】Official MV

[If you are a 90s kid you have probably heard of this song, and it has been a popular pick in karaokes for over 10 years. The chorus repeats itself a lot so it is easy for amateur Chinese speakers to conquer this song!]

我的歌声里 – You Exist In My Song – 曲婉婷

曲婉婷 Wanting 【我的歌声里 You Exist In My Song】Official MV

[This song is sort of a one-hit wonder that exploded into fame a couple years ago. The original singer produced it herself and many famous artists later covered this song. It is a beautiful love song that exclaims the singer’s affection through slow and mellow tunes.]

青春练习手册 – Manual of Youth – TFBoys

TFBOYS【青春修炼手册 Manual of Youth】 Official MV

[Nothing screams “youth” more than this cheerful and upbeat song originally sung by the current most popular idol group in China. The group is made up of three teenage boys. Dance along to the song and its colorful and bright music video.]

被风吹过的夏天 – Summer Swept Past by Wind – JJ Lin & 金沙 (Kym)

林俊傑 JJ Lin【被風吹過的夏天 Summer Swept by Wind】(Duet:金莎 Kym)Official MV

[This classic duet between JJ Lin and Kym is one of the most picked lovers’ karaoke choices in China. The song talks about rewinding time back to when the couple first met, at a golden late summer day.]

挥着翅膀的女孩 – Proud of You – Joey Yung

容祖兒 Joey Young 【揮著翅膀的女孩 Proud of You】Official MV

[The Chinese title of the song directly translates to “Girl who flaps her wings”, which cannot be a more perfect summarization of the song. This is something you’d like to sing when you feel hopeful on life. Without a doubt, it is yet another classic in Chinese pop music.]

羊 – Sheep – 张艺兴(Lay)

张艺兴 LAY 【SHEEP 羊】Official MV

[This song, which was released just last year, topped the charts not only within China but also worldwide. Korean idol group EXO’s Chinese member – Lay’s second solo album hit the C-pop hard with its intricate production and upbeat style.]

Practice a few times at home and show it off next time you go karaoke with your friends!

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