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Across the Board: AHM

Welcome back to Across the Board today we are featuring Wesley Wu, treasurer at AHM NYU (Asian Heritage Month). Wesley is currently a junior in Stern studying Finance and Marketing with a minor in Music. He wants to tell everyone:

Come to AHM’s Spring Festival on February 25th! Also, shoutout to Alison B Cheng!

Alison, everyone at NYU clearly misses you. Please come back from London 😦

Now let’s get started!

Tell us about AHM’s vision:

Asian heritage month is a very different organization, a lot of our members are very passionate about bringing awareness to Asian American issues. Asian American can include not just orientals but the whole Asian continent and we’re very excited about that. At the same time we also want to be a club that can have fun and thats what makes it difficult sometimes because we’re trying to balance having fun and appealing to the NYU community to bring awareness to Asian American Issues. (Wesley: Basically, more money please!!)

What is your favorite thing about AHM?

We have these two very particular presidents (Nancy and Andrea). We say that Nancy is the social face and Andrea is the one that gets everything done. Nancy is outgoing, loves meeting new people, and is very active in the Asian American community. Andrea is very serious but you can always rely on her to get everything done… Not that Nancy can’t do that (Let the record show, Wesley seems nervous). But they have instilled a culture where everyone can be friends with each other, everyone in AHM likes each other and I think that’s awesome (Let the record show, he is missing an AHM meeting for this interview).

Would you rather have tiny hands or tiny feet?

Oh boy… uh…… (hesitation) I would rather have tiny feet because if I had tiny hands I wouldn’t be able to play violin, guitar or piano (Hui: That is a humblebrag) HOLD ON, I can’t play league also, definitely tiny feet.

Follow-up Question: Can you play these instruments?


Who is Wesley Wu?

I don’t really define myself with anyone or anything, but if there’s one thing, it’s being Taiwanese. Being Taiwanese is amazing for no apparent reason though our food and people are #1. Otherwise, I’m just an awkward, asian kid who enjoys video games and anime, and an inclination towards rap and crude humour.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

Does it have to be in Manhattan? (No) There isn’t a particular place, but I love Philly cheesesteak, like real Philly cheesesteak not the Halal cart ones. In Philadelphia they give you real pieces of meat and at the Halal carts its just not the same! And you can customize the cheesesteak! Cheese, onion, bacon…

Who is your role model?

Neil Patrick Harris hands down, he is the classiest guy I know and he does whatever the hell he wants. (Harris-Burtka family are group costume goals)

How do you like your bubble tea?

First off, Coco’s. Is it winter or summer? (Urm… winter) It has to be hot, 50% sugar, and that’s it nothing else. (What flavor?) Regular, black milk tea, basic. But when you’re thirsty you have to get it cold, whatever the weather.

Who do you nominate for next week?


Check our AHM’s Facebook page if you are interested in joining or attending their events! Thank you for tuning in on another week of Across the Board and see you guys next week when we interview a member from TASS!

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