Music Monday: Urban Zakapa

Welcome back to Music Monday! This week I decided to feature a group that I happened to stumble upon Spotify this past summer. Urban Zakapa (어반자카파) is a music group from Korea composed of three extremely talented vocalists, Park Yong-in, Jo Hyun-a and Kwon Sun-il. They desire to “pursue an unplugged style of music with acoustic soul instrumentals.” I always thought that they were brilliant but after I did some research I found out that they compose, write lyrics, arrange, an produce all of their albums. Can you guys believe that?! Amazing.

I figured the only way to do showcase their talent was to present a live version; above is the 1st track “Caffe Latte” off their very first mini album, “Coffee” (커피를 마시고). They have so many other great songs so feel free to check them out on their official website!

Hope you guys enjoy and have a happy Monday!

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