Music Monday: Monkey Majik ft. m-flo

Happy Monday! Isn’t it nice when a holiday lands on a Monday?

Today’s song is “Picture Perfect” by Monkey Majik, featuring the Japanese hip-hop group m-flo. Monkey Majik is a Japanese-Canadian group consisting of Caucasian brothers (Maynard and Blaise Plant) and Japanese artists Tax and Dick on drums and bass, respectively. They were formed in Sendai in 2000, and are still based there today (hence the Sendai shout out in the song!). “Picture Perfect” is infinitely catchy and has a wonderfully unique music video, making it a pleasure to experience.

Monkey Majik has a unique sound due to its eastern and western musical influences. The band often collaborates with a diverse group of artists, from the famous Japanese shamisen players the Yoshida Brothers to

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have! What other cross-cultural music springs to your mind?

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