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A tragic start to the New Year: Tainan earthquake death toll reaches 116 as rescue efforts cease

It is truly heartbreaking that natural disasters like the recent earthquake in Tainan, Taiwan are becoming more and more frequent. There’s not one disaster that’s worse than another because a life is a life and when one life is lost, it should still be remembered.

Instead of ringing in the Lunar New Year, citizens of Tainan were (literally) shaken by a magnitude-6.4 earthquake. Today, the remains of the final person reported missing was found. There are suspicions of shoddy construction of the 17-story Weiguan Golden Dragon apartment development, which completely collapsed in the quake. The emerging pictures of tin cans built into walls used as construction fillers in beams in have caused outraged citizens to immediately call for an official investigation into the accident.

Lin Ming-hui, the developer of the Golden Dragon complex, as well as two building architects have been detained, in an investigation which will hopefully find justice on behalf of the tragically deceased.

It’s very unfortunate that the reason for the number of casualties from natural disasters in China and Taiwan have been due to corrupt businessmen, trying to find shortcuts and increase profits at the cost of citizens. We hope that all of our Generasian readers who have relatives or loved ones in Tainan are safe and were unaffected. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone.

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