Music Monday: Infinite H

Happy Monday night everybody! (The best part of Monday is when it’s almost over right?)

This week Generasian is featuring Infinite H in honor of their comeback with their second mini album, “Fly Again”. Although we are a little bit late, we couldn’t ignore their amazing title song so today we are presenting, Pretty (예뻐) by Infinite H.

Infinite H is a sub-group of the ever so popular K-Pop boy group Infinite, consisting of two members, Dongwoo and Hoya. They debuted with their first mini album “Fly High” back in 2013 and as expected, was an incredible success (My personal favorite on the album was Special Girl, which I recommend you check out!). The two who are utilized as rappers in Infinite shine through in Infinite H not only with their rapping skills but their truly extraordinary vocals. Well folks, they have a made another mini-album that has impressed many, so definitely give it a listen!

“가끔은 미워 나를 또 외면할 땐. 그래도 예뻐 너무도 아름다워”
“Sometimes I hate when you look away. But still you’re pretty, so beautiful.”

Thanks Dongwoo and Hoya. Have a wonderful week!

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