Music Monday: Jay Chou

Happy (rainy) Monday!

I know it looks terrible outside in the city, which makes it the perfect time to listen to a heartwarming song indoors. Today our song is 《聽爸爸的話》”Listen to Dad” by 周杰倫 Jay Chou. Its a sweet song featuring Chou’s forte, a delicate piano melody, with lyrics straight from the heart. If you are a longtime fan, this song may bring you back to some of his earlier albums.

The lyrics and music video reveal a tragic story – the servant’s son falls in love with the master’s daughter. The person stopping him from pursuing her is her father, who opposes them strongly. The song gently remembers the past and lays it to rest, forgiving the girl for listening to her father while letting go of what could have been.

Have a great week, and do not let the weather get you down!

Check back here next week for some more great music.

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