“You are the Apple of My Eye”


In 2011, Taiwanese novelist and director Giddens Ko launched the highly anticipated movie You are the Apple of Eye based on his autobiography of the same title. The movie follows the story of Ko Ching Teng (Ko Chen Tung), a mischievous student who develops a crush on the star student, Shen Chia Yi (Michelle Chen). Although Shen shows no initial interest, she eventually begins to see Ko as more than the class clown, as his aptitude begins to show. The heartwarming coming of age story between the two is reminiscent of the classic love story with a humorous twist.

Although the movie was released in Taiwan, it quickly garnered international attention, and broke box office records in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The film crew, too, attracted attention and was nominated for a myriad of prestigious awards. Male protagonist Ko won Best New Actor at the 48th Golden Horse Film Festival awards, while Chen was nominated for Best Actress.
Check it out here!

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