22 Asian Actors Who Deserve To Be Romantic Leading Men

Last month, Buzzfeed posted a list of Asian and Asian American actors who should get a shot at being love interests in movies. Public support for greater representation in film should be a given, but outcry for change in Hollywood and beyond has generally lacked. As a nation, we pride ourselves in being diverse, but our silver screen doesn’t reflect that. Just this small sampling of actors alone should prove that Asian and Asian Americans have the looks to contend with the more traditional American ideals of beauty, if anything. Many of the men have the acting chops and credentials to be A-listers but lack the audience support to grab those leading men roles. Some of the men mentioned in Buzzfeed’s post were even born here but pushed to work overseas because of greater support there than in their own home country.

Americans should not be pigeon-holed into one ideal of attractiveness. The ethnic groups on screen should reflect the faces in the audience. Asian men are already having a difficult time breaking into mainstream movies, and the battle is two fold for Asian women who are more marginalized to roles of the exotic femme fatale or submissive wife. I think it’s high time for the Asian community, in America especially, to start demanding representation in movies.

22 Asian Actors Who Deserve To Be Romantic Leading Men

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