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Music Monday: Illion

Happy Monday everyone!

Hopefully you are on break, or soon-to-be on break. If you have finals, best of luck and power through. You’re almost there!

I have written about Radwimps twice previously. If you listen to and like their songs, you will notice that the lead singer Yojiro Noda is quite talented linguistically, on top of his superior song-writing and vocal abilities. After being involved with Radwimps for twelve years, he became interested in performing music globally; however, the other members of Radwimps did not share this passion.

Therefore, Noda announced his solo project, named “Illion,” in November 2012. He performed a few of his songs at Shepard’s Bush Empire in London that December in front of a cheering, anticipating crowd. His debut album, Ubu, was released in the UK and Ireland a month before Japan, featuring ten songs sung in English and four in Japanese. Below is the music video for “Beehive,” featuring the stunning live-action animation work of Sojiro Kamatani. Prepare yourself for exploding pomegranates and flying pigment.

Have a great rest of the week, and enjoy the weather. ‘Til next time!

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