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Music Monday: D-Pryde

Happy Tuesday! (I apologize for the late posting)

Russell Llantino aka. D-Pryde aka. Prizzy is a Canadian rapper of Filipino descent. D-Pryde’s version of Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” immediately drew my ears. The low-tempo, RnB-infused melody that introduces the song stuck to me, in a good way. His incorporation of his own sing-songy lyrics seem to capture his own soft-cushioned side, in contrast to his usual brute lyrics. More than anything, the mention of “coffee on ice” hits a sweet, familiar note with me.

If you like this remix, be sure to check out his album and other videos. D-Pryde is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

This post was the result of another collaboration. Shout out to Cui for writing the post, and bringing D-pryde to the table!

Have a great week, as usual : )

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