Asian Apparel

Lie Sang Bong

For his New York Fashion Week debut, South Korean designer Lie Sang Bong, mingles sleek architectural cuts with vibrant colors to create an intensely beautiful Fall/Winter collection reminiscent of much of his previous work.

Lie has always been interested in artistic work, having had been involved in theater earlier in life. He made the transition from the world of acting to the world of design after winning the Central Design Contest. Quickly after emerging in the world of fashion, he wowed Seoul Fashion Week attendees with his daring designs, which would eventually grace the closets of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna.

Although his designs have only just arrived to New York Fashion Week, Lie is a well-seasoned Fashion Week participant. Having showcased his designs in Paris Fashion Week for over a decade, Lie is no newcomer unfamiliar to the world of design. Often hailed as South Korea’s Alexander McQueen for his championing of edgy, avant garde themes, Lie is never afraid to step out of any creative boundaries. All throughout his work, Lie always conducts a dialogue between his imaginative artistry with strict, clean craftsmanship to create spectacular pieces.

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