Music Monday: DoubleJC

Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s song is “At First” by DoubleJC. Double JC is a brand-new K-pop group that in the brainchild of none other than Jackie Chan. They had their debut just ten days ago. Not much is known about the group yet, but their first single hit #1 on China’s QIY K-pop charts. They are similar to the previously featured EXO, since they are trying to tap into both the South Korean and Chinese market.

The song is about a guy who has recently lost someone because they changed, and is hurting in the aftermath. Agony is a natural stage when mending a broken heart, and the song gives consolation to those in a similar predicament, telling them that “everyone goes through this at first.”

We all know those painful times, but what’s important is that we stay strong through it all. Have a great week, and good luck!

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