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Chinese Tik Tok Fashion – A New Era of Creativity

Argyle sweaters. Faux leather jackets. Bucket hats and berets. These are just some of the styles that have transcended the fashion industry. Especially with today’s youth and Gen Z, fashion has become an important aspect in not only expressing self-identity, but also in exemplifying the power of clothes.

But what is it about these specific clothing items that have attracted such a wide plethora of wannabe fashion icons? Is it the celebrities they follow? Is it the Tik Toks that come up on their For You page? Or is it both? One of the main influences on this new era of the fashion industry stems from social media itself: Chinese TikTok.

Following the influx in Tik Tok users during quarantine, a new and popular trend grew on Tik Tok highlighting the various Chinese streetwear and fashion culture.

Image 1: Famous Chinese Tik Tok Fashion Creators and their Streetwear Fashion

Catorgized by vibrant colors, exotic prints, and monochrome layering, Chinese Tik Tok has opened the doors for other people to become more comfortable with their outfits and break out of their comfort zone. Let’s take a look at some of the popular fashion trends these Chinese Tik Tokers started.

Couple Outfits

While it has been a normalcy for couples to dress up and wear matching outfits with each other, these Chinese Tik Tokers take it to a whole new level with apparent color coordination and contrast within their outfits. Bright colors, such as vibrant purples and yellows, are common as these couples tend to stand out amongst the crowd they are in. Another way to approach this trend is to have the couple wear outfits that have similar aesthetics and styles, such as business casual or soft streetwear.

While these couples on Tik Tok exude charisma and confidence, they also demonstrate freedom of self-expression as some of the most popular couples are often same-sex. With homosexuality already a taboo topic in Asian culture, seeing these same-sex couples proudly walking down the streets next to their significant others serve as a humble way of reminding other people to be proud of who they are.

Cultural Attire

Cultural appreciation is elevated in Chinese streetwear as everyday civilians take their cultural attire and wear it on an everyday basis. From wearing qipaos, a loose-fitting dress, to hanfus, one of China’s most traditional cultural attires, Chinese Tik Tokers begin to showcase China’s cultural attire in broad daylight on the streets.

Here in America, one rarely sees anyone walk out in their saris or áo dàis, but in China, people are fearless in showing off their pride regarding their culture. Similar to the couple outfits, wearing cultural attire outside of holidays or family occasions serves another purpose– individuality.

With different colors and patterns, each piece of cultural attire is unique and portrays an accurate representation of each person’s personality.

Monochrome Pairings

While monochrome outfits have gotten back in style, Chinese Tik Tok continues to “one up” us in doing so. The effortless styling of the same color/shades provides a real-life Pinterest board for fashion fanatics.

Pairing a simple top with a more extravagant bottom or vice versa, all while keeping the color scheme unison, is one way to attract the attention of tourists, social media users, and other fashion influencers.

Dangers of Chinese Tik Tok

While this era creates a new wave of fashion for fashion gurus, some dangers resulted from Chinese Tik Tok have ensued. Body image has always been a recurring problem, especially in Asian culture. In China, specifically, the ideal standards for a “beautiful” woman are known to have a pale complexion, lean body, and long legs.

With the majority of females on this app appear to have the exact same body type, it can easily establishes misconception for young girls that there is only one standard for beauty, even though this is not true.

While Tik Tok may be a platform where people seek for fashion inspiration, the backlash and drawbacks of only seeing one single body type on social media continues to be detrimental.

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