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Zoey “Wild Saturday”: The Body Positive Influencer You Should Definitely Follow

“5 Minutes Arms Workout That You Can Do While Sitting Down,” and “Yoga On Your Own Bed”?  Please sign me up for both! As someone who “kind of” enjoys working out and is desperately seeking easily comprehensible exercise routines, I was captivated by Zoey’s eye catching YouTube video titles.

Zoey, also known as “周六野,” (which means “Wild Saturday” in Mandarin) is a body positive influencer I’ve been following for a while. After looking into her videos, I came to realize how genuine and professional Zoey is. She isn’t the clout chaser type of YouTuber who bombards her viewers with click-baits solely for exposure; instead, the workout practices she creates truly are beneficial for workout amateurs.

Though a professional personal trainer, Zoey aspires to educate people on safe and productive workout techniques as well as body positivity, leading her into a career as an influencer.


Since the instructions in her videos are easy to follow and the exercises can all be performed within a short amount of time, she is able to encourage her fans to turn working out into a habit. (Even myself is a living proof of it!) She also uses her social media accounts, especially her Instagram, to interact with her fans and motivate them to partake in her trainings.

One of my personal favorite practices she has created is the “30 Days of 100 Glute Bridge Challenge.” For the challenge, she invited her fans to do 100 Glute Bridges everyday throughout the whole month. During the 30 days, she posted an Instagram story each day, featuring herself completing the task. Seeing her actually doing the challenge everyday prompted me to follow suit. A month after the challenge, not only did I see the progress on my body shape, I also feel more comfortable about incorporating easy but effective exercises into my daily life.

Besides her training videos, Zoey is dedicated to teaching accurate workout tips and promoting body positivity. Many of her videos discuss the misconceptions regarding working out and strict diets. She explains thoroughly how to perform each movement without harming our body and the pros and cons of some current diet trends.

As if she’s not talented enough, Zoey also uploads videos of meal prepping tutorial and discussions that touch upon relationships and life tips, giving her audience a more diverse genre options to watch. More crucially, she’s always encouraging people to love their own body and find ways to cope with their insecurities.

Watching her content always reminds me to take better care of my body and love who I am while making improvements, both physically and mentally. So, whether you’re just looking for easy and short daily workouts that you can do anywhere and anytime, or just hoping to gain a new perspective on your body and self love, Zoey should definitely be one of your top choices!

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