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Being Multiracial Asian in America

Here is a video by NBC Asian America on what it’s like to be a multiracial Asian in America!

According to NBC, “A 2015 survey by Pew found that, while 6.9 percent of adults in the U.S. “could be considered multiracial” under Pew’s definitions, 61 percent of them do not identify as such, preferring instead to identify with one race.”

Here are some memorable excerpts from the video!

Taylor Chan (Chinese, Black, Portuguese): People try to put me in these groups, or put me in these boxes. If I try to stand up for myself, “Oh, that’s me, like, my black side” or if I’m worried about my grades and things like that, it’s like “Oh, Taylor’s Asian side!”

(Filipino, Jewish): I usually get a lot of push back, where they’re like, “can you be half-Jewish!?” But I really feel it! Because it’s such a distinct half of me, I feel like there’s a different side of me.

Patricia Williams (Mixed Korean-American): When you compare my experiences to, like, a mono-racial Asian person’s, like, I experienced all the, like, same discrimination and the racism. But, like, I’m also, like, excluded from that community.

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