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AsianInNY Fashion Show

For the past 4 years, AsianInNY has been putting on fashion shows that celebrate the diversity of Asian culture and fashion. I was excited to see the looks the five designers would show case. I showed up about 10 minutes early, camera in hand, ready to take in everything they had to offer, but because of technological difficulties I sat there, ready, waiting for quite a while – for an hour and a half even after the show was supposed to have already started. Introductions were made and people were thanked, and then finally, the first designer presented her work.

Alice Yim, a designer born in Shanghai, opened the show.

Photographers screamed “Lights!” as the models started their walk, complaining over the lack of proper illumination. But, amid the chaos, Yim’s models managed to maintain serenity. They toted bicycles as they made their way to the end of the room. Her collection had a practicality to it that contrasted nicely with the flow-y silhouettes and the splashes of color she integrated into the garments.


The next brand, JSONG, originates from Canada. Another colorful collection, JSONG has an edge to it that encapsulates the idea of the modern, New York woman. Daring yet chic, this collection merged vintage-feeling fabrics with modern silhouettes.


The next line, TOTR, has been praised for its technological savviness in previous shows. Sassy, chic, and effective, this line was one of my favorites. Her silhouettes were boxy and strong, and paired with feminine colors and accessories, it really worked.


The next designer was by far my favorite. If I could use one word to describe West56 it would be ‘innovative.’ This is street-style meets high-fashion epitomized. Completely on top of the athleisure trend, West56  presented a new aesthetic that sharply contrasted with those before it.


The grand finale of the show was Malan Breton’s wedding collection. Set to Lana del Rey’s “Once Upon a Dream”, the models seemed to glide down the runway. The show felt ethereal and the designs timeless.


The show was amazing. I loved seeing all the unique styles and aesthetics of each brand. I wish they painted a more diverse portrait of Asia; I would’ve loved to see designs from Indian and Middle Eastern designers, etc. In spite of a few technical difficulties, the show really was beautiful. China Institute and AsianInNY created a lovely event that I would definitely recommend.

By Priyana Rikhy
Photos by Lilly Walsingham.

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