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Across the Board: CSS

Welcome back to Across the Board! Although CMS NYU was nominated in our last post, for the sake of an amazing event this weekend, today we present Serena Huang, president of CSS (Chinese Student Society). Serena is currently a senior at the College of Nursing and she would like to share with everyone:

Come to DynamiCSS featuring Clara C this Saturday April 2nd!!

Generasian will for sure be there and you guys should come to! Now time for some questions.

Tell us about CSS’s vision:

So, CSS is the oldest cultural club on campus we were founded in 1959, some of our photos in our closet date back to the ‘30s (Fact check: Truth!). When I became president my main goal was to have more organization in CSS and focusing on giving back to the community. Instead of just a place to get free food we’re really trying to build an NYU community. This year we started a family program and it’s in the early stages but we want to instill a family culture within our club. And instead of a huge family system we try to do it one-on-one or two-on-one, we’re still figuring it out but we’re really excited about it.

What is your favorite thing about CSS?

(Let the record show, Cameron and Patrick are pointing at themselves.) My favorite thing is DynamiCSS! During Asian Heritage Month in April every cultural club holds separate shows and every year we always invite famous YouTubers. Two years ago we have Jason Chen and last year we had Joseph Vincent. This year we have a female artist in mind. This is awesome because we get to bring YouTube idols and give them a chance to connect with the NYU community.

Who is Serena Huang:

Guys, how would you describe me?? I’m a Challenger.
“If the average president is Bronze III, she is Challenger” -Eric

Who is your role model?

(Eric says “Herself”) I really have no idea.. But if I had to choose, Florence Nightingale, she was a famous nurse.

Which animal describes you best?

Cat (No hesitation)

Would you rather be a giant rabbit or a tiny horse?

I’d rather be giant rabbit because I think rabbits are really cute and if they get bigger they get cuter. Okay, they might get creepier but you can cuddle a giant rabbit but if you’re a tiny horse you’re not even rideable.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

I like my eyebrows today (Let the record show her eyebrows do in fact look great.)

What is your guilty pleasure?

I’m a really big shopaholic, so whenever Sephora has a sale I know before Sephora knows.

Who do you nominate next?

NYU Akdphi

Check our their Facebook page for more information and DynamiCSS featuring Clara C! Thanks for tuning into another Across the Board and see you next time when we interview a member of CMS and then a lovely sister from NYU Akdiphi!

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