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Across the Board: ACU

Hello hello and welcome back to Across the Board! This week we had the chance to speak to Stacy Chen, president of ACU (Asian Cultural Union)! Stacy is currently a junior in Stern majoring in Finance & Marketing and minoring in Studio Art. She would like to share with everyone:

“So we have a fashion show every year, it’s the largest NYU run student fashion show called ACE and everyone should come!”

Sounds exciting! Now to the interview we go:

Tell us about ACU’s vision:

I guess ACU wants to create a space where people of different ethnic backgrounds can be comfortable and we hope to celebrate their cultures. We genuinely want to have a nice time with everyone.

What is your favorite thing about ACU?

I think it’s definitely the community, being around people that I’m comfortable with and that I have fun with.

Who is Stacy Chen:

I’m another Asian girl from New Jersey. (Same Stacy)

Who is your role model?

My Parents, I mean first generation so, of course parents (AWH).

Tell us about your favorite movie:

My favorite movie is… What’s the one where he’s trapped in Mars?? The Martian! I felt like it was a lot different than your typical movie and so I enjoyed it.

If you had to lose a finger which one would it be?

Pinky. (Left pinky?) No right pinky because it’s crooked. (Like mine!!)

You can bring one thing with you to the after life what would it be?

Ice cream. (What flavor?) Coffee!

Describe your perfect bubble tea:

I studied abroad in Shanghai and the bubble tea there had real taro pieces and then I found out that Coco’s also has real taro pieces! So my perfect bubble tea would be taro pieces, bubbles, always cold.

Who do you nominate next?


Thanks for tuning in to Across the Board and check out ACU’s Facebook Page to stay updated on all their great events! See you next week when we get a chance to meet a membor of NYU’s CMS.

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