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Across the Board: HKSA

Introducing another very new column at Generasian, Across the Board! Here we will be interviewing members of different Asian American clubs here at NYU. For our very first post we had the honor of talking to, Sue Ann Kwan, president of HKSA NYU (Hong Kong Students Association). Sue Ann is currently a senior in CAS majoring in Economics. When asked if she has anything to share with everyone, she said:

I want everyone to read this Generasian article.

Right on Sue Ann, now let’s get started!

Tell us about HKSA’s vision:

Our vision, wow. Let me think… Well, Hong Kong has a very weird identity and being a student overseas its sometimes difficult to understand our origin. HKSA is to remind them, remind us, about our origins. (Beautifully said)

What is your favorite thing about HKSA?

The people (AWHHH). The stupidity of the people (awh?)… I like how we always treat each other as family… and of course the food.

Will: Would you rather be giant owl or a small lion?

Small lion because I don’t like to eat mice.

Where is your favorite place to study?

Bobst, LL1 (Let the record show, LL1 is gross) Wait no… home.

Who is your role model?

Dee Hsu or maybe Kim Jong Kook? (Hui: He’s not your role model. Swan: Isn’t he though?) Kim Jong Kook is my role model.

How do you like your bubble tea?

Green Milk Tea with mini bubbles, 30% sugar, and no ice.

Who do you nominate for next week?


To find out more about HKSA and join their family check out their Facebook page! Hope you enjoyed our first installment of this series and tune in next week when we get to meet a member of AHM! Happy weekend everyone~

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