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Daiki Suzuki

With GQ’s “Best New Menswear Designer in America” title under his belt, New York based designer Daiki Suzuki is at the top of the game with his brand “Engineered Garments”. Some may think men’s fashion isn’t as exciting, but Suzuki has proven those wrong by reimagining menswear staples and not letting women have all the fun.

Having a background in design, retail and merchandise buying, Suzuki has gathered years of experience to have a successful career. Engineered Garments began in 1999 and all apparel is proudly manufactured in the States, as he believes the quality and capacity he is after can’t be duplicated elsewhere.

Spring/Summer Collection 2015

For every collection is centred around a type of fabric and is given a “minimal, non-Western cut and shape” to make them unique. From denim to luxe tropical wool to linen blends, fabric authenticity is his top priority. “I start by finding fabric first…Whatever fabric I feel reminds me of the 80’s, something I used to love to wear, then I start figuring out which are the best fabrics for the shapes we have. It’s kind of a puzzle.” He seems to get the mixture of fabrics and textures just right every time. This guy knows what it means to layer the right way.

Despite his brand not receiving the deserving amount of hype, yet still being able to maintain a great reputation, he explained that “…it’s all a facade and at the end of the day, the product will speak for itself.”

Spring/Summer Collection 2016

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