Be-YOU-tiful: Korean Eye Shadows

You’ve been eyeing the newest eye shadow palette from Chanel for months, but you know it’s way out of your college budget. Beauty tends to come with a cost and we all know how expensive make up can get. It doesn’t help that celebrities get glammed up using the best products either.  However, I have a solution to help mend that broken heart: Korean eye shadows. The following products are dupes or alternatives that you can use to achieve a similar look and effect as the high-end brand products.

Aritaum’s Mono Eyes Eyeshadow

Price: $4.41
Personal rating: 4/5

Aritaum is a well-known Korean cosmetics store that carries several different brands. The Mono Eyes product line was created by Aritaum itself and contains more than 90 shades of individual single eye shadows. It is reasonably priced, making it an amazing dupe for MAC eye shadows. The Mono Eyes product line has a great variety of color choices and a whole range of different textures of shadows including matte, shimmer, glitter, and metallic. Their design and formula is pretty similar to MAC’s but are a little less pigmented.  The shadows are powdery and go on the skin smoothly without being chalky. However, it seems as though the Mono Eyes shadows do slightly fade after a whole day and if they are not applied on top of a primer or under another shadow, they start to crease. Nevertheless, the colors are gorgeous and I would say that this product has a great quality given its price.

Etude House’s Look At My Eyes Cafe
Price: $4.60
Personal rating: 4.5/5

Etude House was originally established in 1985 and was the first makeup brand in Korea.  The eye shadows from Etude House’s Look At My Eyes Cafe product line are highly pigmented and have a silky, soft texture that allows the shadows to glide onto your eyelids. The shadows are also super finely milled, so the colors blend out well and can be layered without feeling too cakey. It uses a silicone coating, which allows the shadows to stick to the skin and last for a long time. And get this: you can create your own palette by taking the individual shadows out of their casings and putting them into a larger eye shadow palette. This becomes super convenient when traveling or even going to a friend’s house to get ready for an evening of fun.

BBI@’s Shade and Shadow


Price: around $6.00
Personal rating: 4.5/5

BBI@ is a brand that is relatively new to the scene. It stands for “Blooming Beauty in Online Ocean,” which means that their products are only sold online. This product line is called “Shade and Shadow” because you can use the shadows as eye shadows, brow powder, or blush and contour. Wow, talk about a deal! They even offer the following recommendations on how to use them: Numbers 01 and 10 can be used as shading, number 04 and 05 can be used on the eyebrows, and number 06 to 08 can be used on the cheeks. These shadows have a special coating powder that provides a long lasting color. Though the pigmentation of BBI@ and Etude House is quite similar, BBIA’s texture is smoother.

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