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Phillip Lim

“I want my work to speak for me”. It’s a common phrase we hear from artists, yet Lim seems to truly live by this mantra as he rarely participates in interviews, and keeps himself out of the spotlight. Born in Thailand, of Chinese descent, Phillip Lim is the genius behind his fast-growing contemporary brand 3.1 Phillip Lim.

He had to find his own niche while growing up, adjusting to living in the US and carrying his Asian culture with him. It was when he studied home economics at the University of California, Long Beach that he realized his passion for fashion. It may have been an awkward and difficult stage then, but this struggle has translated extremely well into his designs. Slowly but surely, through an internship with designer Katayone Adeli, followed by the shortcomings of his first label “Development”, Lim gained the knowledge, skills and dedication to put his name permanently on the map.


Pre-Fall 2017 Collection 

He describes his style “classic with a twist”, the perfect mixture of sophistication and street-wear sensibility. What makes him such a big hit with millenials is how he can seamlessly incorporate a variety of street elements into beautifully made clothing, yet keeping it affordable to have on our wish lists.

“We live by the dress, we die by the dress” – Phillip Lim

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