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Happy New Year from Generasian!

Yay 2016 is finally here! We had such a wonderful fall semester and we can’t wait to see what Spring 2016 has in store for us! To start off the new year & our spring semester here at NYU Generasian, some of our 2015-2016 E-board members would like to share a few words:

Kim Chen (Editor-in-Chief)

“Thank you for being loyal readers. This new year will bring some new changes to the blog that we are excited to unveil for you, so please stay tuned!”

Will Shi (Editor-in-Chief)

“Hello everyone! Thank you all for following and reading Generasian this past year and I hope you had a great new year! It’s 2016 now, and that means new opportunities, new experiences, and new content for everyone to enjoy. I hope you’ll continue to support us this year and beyond, and thank you again for taking the time to read our blog.”

Shirley Foo (Editor-at-Large)

“The new year is naturally the perfect time to look for a fresh start. But let’s also take a moment to reflect on the past year, appreciate the wonderful people we already have in our lives and our accomplishments so far. Let’s learn from our mistakes, improve and motivate ourselves, and look forward to an even better year ahead!”

Avery Chang (Art Director)

“I can’t wait to do incredible things with Generasian this year! Through the collective effort of all of our talented members, we will be producing some great content throughout 2016. The continuous support of our readers truly keeps all of us here at Generasian happily afloat — thank you!”

Diane Park (Media Director)

“Hello! Welcome! Thanks for checking out Generasian.
Happy new year, and I hope 2016 is everyone’s best year yet! If not,
there’s always 2017! And 2018!! And many more years to come. Don’t give

Jolene Hsu (Layout Director)

“Looking forward to continue learning and growing with you all! Let’s make 2016 our best year yet!“

Jamie Sung (Social Director)

“Hi! Jamie here! 2015 brought some amazingly talented and fun people with diverse interests to all areas of Generasian, and I hope that we only continue to showcase and grow those talents in 2016! However, I really hope that the new year encourages more political and social justice issues in this publication. These are themes that impact all Asian- and Pacific- Americans, not only on our fair campus, but in the city, and beyond!! So they’re pretty important. We’re going to need a diverse body of writers and artists, sparking discussion through their passion! So come write for us!! (Haha)”

Alison Cheng (Blog Editor)

“Hey you! A big fat welcome and thanks for pausing to read this
lil blurb. I, like thousands of millennial girls, have a taken a liking
towards blogging, low key wishing I’ll become the next Aimee Song. The
Generasian blog has become a platform to share my views and engage with
our Asian American community. I hope you find this blog as therapeutic
and stimulating as I do!”

Swan Cho (Blog Editor)

“Hey all! Generasian is excited for Spring 2016 and we hope that you guys are too. There are so many ideas and new columns that Alison and I can’t wait to share with all of you for this upcoming semester! Happy New Year everyone- hoping that everyone is off to a great start~”

(Missing our wonderful e-board members Alison, Jamie, and Diane in the picture above but still love them the same)

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