Music Monday: 白安 Ann

Happy Monday ~ (:

Ann is an independent Taiwanese singer whom I greatly admire. The Taiwanese music market is saturated with musicians talented both in songwriting and singing. Although each artist has their own style, it is not uncommon for many of the hit songs to sound similar, perhaps in music style or lyrical subject.

What allows Ann to stand out the everyone else is that she is independent, in every sense of the word. She composes and writes her own songs. Her singing has an ethereal quality and a unique phrasing that you will not find in anybody else. It is rare to find an artist with her degree of autonomy, who relies on herself rather than other songwriters or her label.

Ann first started entering singing competitions at the age of 16, in 2008. Her debut album,“The Catcher In the Rye,” was released in 2012. This is the titular song from the album, and the music video really captures well the life and attitude of nomadic youth, globetrotting alone – detached from the world – even those that they care about.

If you like this song, then please check out her most popular track here

Have a wonderful July 4th weekend, wherever you may be on Earth!

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