Music Monday: J Rabbit

Happy Monday, y’all! Start your week off with the sunny acoustics of J Rabbit.


As finals begin to rear their ugly heads, I’m sure you are all in need of feel-good songs to keep on repeat until summer vacation officially begins. Look no further for this Korean indie duo has got you covered! Unapologetically chipper, these two ladies have been on the rise ever since they started releasing sweet covers and original songs on YouTube in 2010.

All of their videos typically consist of the pair simply just singing and playing their respective instruments. Although they may lack the big production music videos  –  embellished with lazer light tricks and complicated dance routines  – that have become customary in the world of KPOP, J Rabbit’s charm clearly comes from how they produce their music so genuinely. No fancy gimmicks necessary.

Let this fabulous girl duo serve as a reminder that sometimes the simpler things in life are the best things in life! Have a wonderful week~

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