Music Monday: 2NE1

Happy Monday!

If you are surfing Tumblr, you are most likely already in break mode. I recognize that recently we have been featuring a lot of YG artists. However, 2NE1 has barely been covered by us, and it is about time they got some love.

Today’s song is < 아파 [Slow] > from 2NE1’s first full length album, To Anyone. The name translates to “It Hurts.” To those unfamiliar with To Anyone or the song itself, the visual and musical style of the video may come as a surprise. The Gothic theme is a little playful, as the song was released as a single on October 31, 2010, with the music video appearing the very same day.

For anyone who enjoys Korean pop music but can become tired of the bright colors and loud beats, this represents a clean break away from that trend. The voices of CL, Minzy, Bom and Dara of 2NE1 really shine in this beautiful track, and their heartbreak is entirely palpable.

Enjoy your break! Until next time, stay warm.

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