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Music Monday: Omnipotent Youth Society (万能青年旅店)

Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s song is 《杀死那个石家庄人》 by 万能青年旅店 Omnipotent Youth Society (the title has no English translation.)  The context of the song may not be familiar to someone who has not had exposure to Chinese culture; however, the lyrics are easy to understand.

Omnipotent Youth Society is a popular and innovative rock group that like to incorporate different instruments into their songs. Their use of trumpets and other woodwind instruments (in addition to strings) remind of Neutral Milk Hotel, in a way.

This is their most popular and raw track off of their 2010 debut release. The lyrics are enigmatic and symbolic, which is not unusual for the band. Their own fans have a hard time agreeing among themselves the meaning of the songs, and to this day, they are considered beautiful but puzzling, completely open to interpretation.

I have wanted to introduce this band for a long time, so I hope you enjoy this! Listening to them helped me reconsider the Chinese rock scene as a whole. I highly recommend listening to more of their music.

Have a wonderful rest of the week ^  ^

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