Dolce Gelateria Offers an Asian Twist on Gelato

Read more for some buy one get one free gelato in NYC!

Tucked away in the West Village, you can find Dolce Gelateria right on the corner of Barrow St and 7th Avenue South. This gelato shop is everything you could hope for in a New York City dessert spot.

We had the lucky experience of trying a variety of flavors: some all-time classics, a few exotic flavors, Dolce’s in-season fall favorites, and a selection of their Asian-inspired flavors.

We already loved gelato, but then we discovered gelato with an Asian twist. Suffice to say, we found our new calling in life. Blog co-editor Swan had the great pleasure of trying lychee, red bean, and green tea. Between you and me, her favorite was lychee, but she also highly recommends the red bean and the green tea.

“The lychee truly smelled like the actual fruit. It could be the little pieces of actual lychee in the gelato, but who knows! It’s a must try. The red bean was super smooth and creamy, just like how gelato should be. And last, but definitely not least, the green tea had more of a subtle, refined flavor and was just as delicious as the other two. I could really taste all of the love and care that was put into crafting all these perfect flavors.”

But Dolce Gelateria is more than just a selection of amazing flavors. This place is seriously passionate about gelato. I don’t know about you, but I like to try and get the most authentic experience ever, short of hopping on the next plane to Italy. Unfortunately, as a student on a college-level budget, weekend trips to Italy do not fall under “Necessary Expenses”. Lucky for us, Dolce Gelateria imports almost everything from Italy, including the display freezer so our delicious gelato was resting in the proper temperature. Also, we witnessed the making of a cone. They ACTUALLY hand-make their cones!

So next time you’re studying late in Bobst and you feel like you need a venti latte pronto, skip the Starbucks line. Head over to Dolce Gelateria and grab yourself a cup of their intense coffee gelato. They’re open until 11 PM Monday through Thursday and until midnight on the weekends. Sorry (not sorry) for feeding your dessert addiction.

And lucky for you all, they’re offering buy one get one free during the month of October for NYU students who like their Facebook page and show their ID.

So check them out at 33 Barrow Street! You won’t regret it. Want to learn more about other flavors? Check out our next NOM Video. Until next time, food babies!!

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