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AP World History Fails to Learn Cultural Sensitivity

The Educational Testing Services and College Board invited thousands of teachers to Salt Lake City to grade the 2014 AP World History exams. Unfortunately, those in charge of educating and evaluating our children apparently are idiots.


(photo credit for AngryAsianMan)

The event unfolded as it had every year before with commemorative t-shirts for those who graded. This year, those t-shirts were inspired by a certain essay question involving the Chinese Communist party. The t-shirt as seen here had caricatures of past Chinese Communist party leaders and featured a crude Oriental font.


(photo credit for AngryAsianMan)

During orientation for graders, the AP World History chief reader had made jokes regarding the Tiananmen Square Massacre while wearing a Red Guard Cap (he apparently wasn’t the only one sporting such head gear). He revealed the design during orientation and complaints and protests against these designs followed quickly. Still, the organizers went ahead and t-shirts were distributed anyway. And yes, some teachers still went ahead and wore them.

It is disheartening to see that an established and credible organization that holds such power over our education and youth is marred with such ignorance and point-blank racism. One would think that specializing in World History would bring more cultural sensitivity, but perhaps then, we must look at how we, in fact, teach World History. Looking at our American education system which is, in fact, a Euro-centric and white-centric one, maybe it isn’t so surprising that there are educators who can produce such ignorant actions.

ETS and Collegeboard have made a joint statement, apologizing.

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