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Karolyn Pho

Previously known mainly due to her romantic ties with actor Shia LaBeouf, Karolyn Pho, a stylist-turned-designer, is making waves in the world of fashion. But forget Shia, because this emerging designer is making a name for herself by herself.

Recently having made a cross-country move from sunny Los Angeles to the bustling New York City, Pho made her New York Fashion Week debut with a gorgeously simple Fall/Winter collection. Rather than littering the runway with ostentatious, unwearable pieces, Pho kept her looks to the basics, only choosing to embellish tastefully with subtle personal touches. Dresses in classic cuts were made from exciting materials like lamรฉ and leather; feathers and lace trim decorated slips and jackets. Pho created a collection totally representative of her overall style. Refined basics mingled with subtle, yet extremely chic nuances.


Pho, who is in her 20โ€™s, is extremely young but also extremely talented. Her social media presence reveals a level-headed, intelligent, and inspired young woman – and those qualities certainly shine through in her work. Her designs appear exactly as what one may expect a savvy, young, Karolyn Pho type woman to wear. Pho is Vietnamese-American and grew up in California. And even after spending all of her formative years in The Golden State for so long, she was unafraid to trek all the way to New York City to further her career and expand her craft. The amount of success she has been receiving recently is certainly deserved.

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