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Music Monday: Awkwafina

Happy Monday!

Awkwafina, aka. Nora Lum, seems to be the first female rapper to drop lines about her “vag.” Her hip, catchy single “My Vag,” as the title explains, is about the female anatomy. Specifically, her female anatomy. Rap fans will recognize the similarity of her song to Mickey Avalon’s “My Dick,” which caused a stir in 2006.

Though some may dismiss “My Vag” as a parody, it actually encapsulates the style of her songs – satirical, but with comic appeal. Her videos are great because Awkwafina herself is very entertaining. Those that attended NYU ACE 31: ECHO this year can probably attest to that, after seeing her guest performance with Dumbfoundead.

Hip-Hop listeners could definitely use a break and listen to something refreshing. Some of my favorite lines include: “Yo my vag Harvard Law School / Yo Vag Apex Technical.“ Even if you’ve heard it before, this is a really funny song to revisit.

Enjoy the song and have a great week!

This post was a joint effort by Cui and Kim. Cui, thanks for writing most of it and suggesting that I feature Awkwafina! Until next week.

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