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Eva Chen

In a world of allusive and old fashioned fashion magazine power players, Instagram’s Head of Fashion Partnerships, and formerly Lucky Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Eva Chen stands out from the crowd. At thirty-three years old, Chen was the youngest editor-in-chief of a major fashion publication and is considered “the first editor-in-chief of our generation.”


Not only is Chen the first editor, but perhaps the model for the fashion figure today. With her thousands of Instagram and twitter followers, Chen has redefined the role of an editor for a major fashion magazine. Instead of holding a chilly power over her readers, Chen utilizes social media to interact with her fans daily via her daily shoe pictures and casual tweets about topics such as Game of Thrones. Chen externalizes her fresh and youthful attitude with a colorful and whimsically experimental wardrobe that reaches all over the place.

Another factor that is unique to Eva Chen is her Taiwanese-Shanghainese heritage. After three years as a beauty editor for Elle and eight years at Teen Vogue as the Beauty and Health director, Eva Chen was the first Asian American to hold the title of Editor-In-Chief for a Conde Nast publication. Not only is this a major milestone for Asian Americans in publication, but perhaps it also reflects the rise of the Asian presence in fashion. Eva Chen serves as an inspiration to thousands of readers and embodies the new multi-cultural face of fashion.

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