Music Monday: Kyary is Back!

Happy Monday!

I don’t know if any of you caught the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert last week or even knew there was one. (If you went please leave comments!! I want to know about it!)

That was Kyary’s second concert in New York. Her debut tour, titled 100% KPP World Tour, was in 2013 and had more dates in Asia. The Nanda Collection Tour expanded to more cities in Asia and Europe, and even a stop in Australia. The concert on March 8th was her last one in North America.

Kyary became a rising artist after her first single, PonPonPon was released in 2011 and charted on Japan’s top ten. At first she was an eclectic artist with a more underground fanbase, but her quick evolution in sound and style launched her into the stratosphere. After only two world tours, Kyary already has a reputation for putting on engaging and crazy concerts. I really wonder what lies in her future…^  ^

This is the video for Mottai Nightland, whose title in Japanese means “nighttime scenery so beautiful it would be a shame not to enjoy it …before the sun rises and it disappears.” In it, Kyary can be seen actively exploring the world of her dreams, and even steps into an alternate universe as a monster-bashing princess for a brief spell.

I hope you enjoy the video! leave some comments and suggestions, and have a nice break.

Edit: For those interested, Kyary’s company has put a lot of money into documenting her tours. There’s a massive photobook available, and watch the documentary of the 100% KPP tour here if you’re interested!

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