Music Monday: 春天里

Hey guys, here’s to the beginning of another great week c:

Today we will be going in a radically different direction. Asian music – no, all music – as a category includes not only commercial music, which is produced with a hit in mind, but also music made simply because something needs to be expressed. We need to celebrate both forms. This video won’t be high quality, or even pleasing to watch. But it must be shown, because it sparked something that not a single person expected.

The men are two of millions of construction workers across China. Their names are Yang Gang and Wang Xu. They covered the well known song 《春天里》by notable rock singer汪峰 for their friends one night. But the video became so popular and loved by Chinese netizens that they were invited to perform on the CCTV Lunar New Year broadcast – a massive operation, and a huge deal in China. What I love the most about their rendition is how they wear it all on their sleeve, holding back nothing.

The song describes something that people of their generation identify strongly with. Originally called “In Spring,” it describes the longing for the springtime of a past year. Though nostalgic, it also marks a personal progression.

I really hope you understand where the song is coming from.

As always, have a great week!

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