Music Monday: Nujabes

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going in a new direction and introducing Nujabes, a Japanese hip-hop producer and DJ. Nujabes established Hydeout Productions, an independent record label in 2003, and continued to release albums and enjoy worldwide acclaim with an incredible fanbase while he was alive. Tragically, his career was cut short by a traffic accident when he was thirty-six in 2010.

In this video you can listen to his entire second album, Modal Soul, released in 2005. Nujabes collaborated frequently with other underground hip-hop artists, many who are featured on this album. As a result, no two songs are alike. Each song is amazing, but if you’re looking for a place to start, listen to “Feather” or “Luv (Part 3).” (Follow the link to YouTube so you can jump between songs quickly). His music is hard to describe, but give it a listen and you will be floored by its impeccable sound and innovative style.

This is great music to relax or study to. Have a great week and enjoy!

Edit: Check out this great music video + remix of Luv(sic) Part6 on! Watch it on the page in fullscreen + HD. For some backstory, Shing02 and Nujabes collaborated on the Luv(sic) hexalogy, making 1-3 together. After Nujabes death, Shing02 used Nujabes’ instrumentals to create 4-6 to “ commemorate him and bring closure to his music.” Part 6 is meant to be the Grand Finale.

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